Richer Intl
Terms & Conditions


The following are general terms for direct import of custom products and are subject to negotiation depending on the size of the order or the type of service offered.

The different payment terms may affect the final unit price.

Direct import to customer’s warehouse
  • 30% deposit with the order.
    70% payable after the inspection is made at the factory and before the shipment leaves the factory.

  • 30% deposit with the order.
    70% payable on arrival to the west coast.

  • 33% deposit with the order.
    33% after the inspection is made at the factory and before the shipment leaves the factory.
    34% three days after delivery to customer’s warehouse.

  • 100% with order.

  • All extras such as moulds, printing plates, embroidery tape, prototypes, samples, etc. are payable at the time the deposit is given with the order or upfront if the order is not confirmed.

Direct import to Richer International’s warehouse

All goods requested to be held at Richer International’s Lavaltrie warehouse for warehousing or co-packing and to be delivered on demand, are to be paid by and owned by the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to insure all their goods for full value at the time of arrival at Richer International’s warehouse at all time.


All imported goods are guaranteed free of defect and based on the client’s approved pre-production samples.

A.Q.L. (Acceptable Quality Level) Level II Q.C. inspection standards are used on all shipments unless other standards are requested by the client.

Level II is based on 4 minimum defects and 2 major defects per 100 units or percentage.

The client must take these reject rates into account when ordering.

We strongly recommend that our client orders 2-3% more units, due to consumer returns and breakage in handling. This is a standard practice among most retailers. They include these extra units as part of their total landed cost.

Richer International Corp. makes inspections on all orders shipped out and based on the above A.Q.L. Level II standards. No goods are shipped out unless inspection has pass.

The client may, at their discretion, use a third party inspection company to do the Q.C. inspection of the goods before shipping. This is at their own cost with no warrantee.

Should there be a quality issue at the time the client receives the goods, the client must advise Richer International Corp. within 48 hours. Subject to the type of quality problem, Richer International Corp. will determine how to solve the issue and to the client’s reasonable satisfaction.

The defected goods may be credited or returned to the factory for repair or replacement.

Richer International Corp’s total liability is limited to the value of the rejected or damaged goods received by the client and invoiced to the client.

We have never let a client down or unsatisfied when a problem occasionally comes up and we do not intend to change our 100% client satisfaction policy.
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