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About us


Richer International corp. is a Canadian privately owned company under the ownership of M. Richer Poissant Sr. whom has been in business since 1969.


Our History

After 8 years as a lab technician at Abbott Laboratory situated in Montreal, Richer invested in a woodworking factory called Provincial Woodcraft manufacturing redwood flower planters and trellis and became co-owner and C.E.O. / President.

In order to overcome the seasonal aspect of the company's product line, Provincial Woodcraft amalgamated with Château de Bois, a year-round manufacturer of houseware products.

Château de Bois, also known as CDB, began to export to the US and Japan. Later that same year, it opened its first overseas office in Taiwan and started to produce and import wooden houseware products from Taiwan. Soon after, importing from Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Singapore.

C.D.B. set up and opened its own 2 huge factories in Taiwan to produce wooden houseware and were backed up by 9 other sub-contractors producing wooden products.

The C.D.B. high quality wood products soon became the quality standards used in most wood factories in Taiwan.

C.D.B. started to import general houseware products to complement the wooden product line such as ceramics, knives, glassware, clocks etc.

In late 1982 the Canadian wood factory was closed and C.D.B. concentrated only on direct import from overseas to Canada and USA. Sales were made to retailers and catalog houses.

Richer Poissant Sr. registered a new company named Richer International Corp. to answer to the growing demand by its USA marketing agent for imported promotional products from the Orient.
With 6 years of experience in overseas importing of general merchandise, Richer International Corp. was able to offer its new customers its services in product development, sourcing and direct importing.

Richer International Corp. acquired 100% ownership of C.D.B. Canada and International.

Due to the continuous rising of the operational costs and unreasonable demands from the retailers, C.D.B. ceased all of its houseware distribution operations, therefore allowing Richer International Corp. to put all of its resources and efforts in offering direct import of promotional products to the USA market.

Based on the increasing demand and business opportunities with Canadian companies for promotional products, Richer International Corp. opened a Canadian sales department and have since been working with both the US and Canadian market.

We are proud to offer our clients nearly half a century of experience in manufacturing, product development, marketing, fulfillment, warehousing, sourcing and importing.

Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to give our client an impeccable service and peace of mind in their direct importing requirements.

Long term customer’s business relationship and satisfaction are more important to us than our bottom line.

If we have been in business for nearly half a century, we must be serving and taking care of our clients in the right way.

We are proud to say that some of our clients date back to 1985 and still going strong.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know who we are.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Stay tuned! + Should you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time.   + Our services Our manufacturing and marketing experience allows us to help in the development of new products for our clients based on their special requirements.