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Our Services

Richer International Corp. specializes in sourcing, product development and direct importing mainly from the Orient but not limited to. We work on importing all types of promotional products, housewares, restaurant supplies and sporting goods. Our manufacturing and marketing experience allows us to help in the development of new products for our clients based on their special requirements.

Experienced buyers prefer taking the guessing work and worries out of offshore sourcing and let people like us help them do the importation work to obtain what they really need; good quality, good price and on-time delivery.

Most imported orders normally require a substantial quantity of units. Orders are subject to the type of product and the value of each shipment.

Here are some advantages of doing business with us;

  • We are directly on site with our own offices in China and Taiwan
  • We know the culture
  • We know the people
  • We speak their language
  • We have the connections
  • We have our own on-site Q.C. inspectors
  • We have been doing this for nearly half a century.

Subject to the customer’s requirements, once we receive a P.O. and the order is placed at the factory, we will start updating the client on the progress of their order. This means; the production progress, inspection reports before shipping, confirm the sailing date, confirm the arrival at the destination port followed by an estimated date of arrival at their warehouse.  

We are there to serve and support our clients according to their needs. All import documents, custom releases and shipping costs up to the client’s warehouse are taken care of by Richer International Corp. That means no stress and no worries for the clients.

We source and work with the best factories available to fulfill our client’s demands for good price, good quality and on-time delivery.

Throughout the many years, we have developed very good relationships with small and large factories for a variety of product categories. However, we are not limited to only certain factories and will always source other factories subject to what our client’s needs are; either price, quality or delivery timeline.

We strive to obtain the very best pricing, quality and on-time delivery for each client and each order.



We have our own on-site inspectors at our China office and different parts of China.

As needed, we occasionally use third party inspection companies.

Our clients are welcome to appoint their own third party inspection Co. at all time at their own expense.

Subject to the type of product or size of the order, our inspectors can do a variety of inspections.

  • Pre-inspect the factory before the order is confirmed.
    • Their capability of handling the requested size of order.
    • Factory Q.C. standards
    • Availability of raw materials
    • Compliance to standard labor laws for wages, child labor and weekly hours of labor
    • If the factory has been audited recently or can they pass an audition if required.

  • Inspection during the production, semi-finished goods and Q.C. testing at different stages.
  • Final Q.C. inspection before shipping at 80% of packaging. Random master cartons are selected for inspection. Inspection standards are based on A.Q.L. Mil. Level II standards unless other standards are requested by the client or if the type of product dictates a different standard.


Factory Compliance

We certify that all the factories we work with or will be working with are in compliance with all their respective country/province and local government labor laws and standards for child labor, wages and working hours etc.

Third party factory compliance inspection and certification are available at the client’s expense.


Lab Testing

Mostly all products we handle are lab tested and subject to the type of product, the lab standard will vary.

  • Lab tests are made based on the USA FDA standards and Canadian standards.
  • We also handle lab tests for different country standards if required.
  • 100% of all child toys or products are lab tested.
  • C.C.P.S.A. Canada – Canada Consumer Product Safety Act
  • C.P.S.I.A. USA – Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • For electrical items, UL, CSA or approved equivalence are used unless different lab test certificates are required by the client.

Some of Richer International Corp. staff members have been certified by B&V Buffalo N.Y. for Kraft food lab testing requirements.


Warehouse / Fulfillment

Richer International Corp. offers warehousing of customer’s goods and we are able to do any type of fulfillment and repackaging from the Orient, US or from our Canadian warehouse.

This includes mailing services and handling Fan Club Kit packaging and remailing.




Global Services

Richer International Corp. is able to ship directly from China to anywhere in the world on behalf of our client, being at their overseas distribution center, warehouse, retail outlet or directly to the consumer.

In some countries the receiving party may need to use a local broker to release the goods.

Stay tuned! + Should you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time.   + Our services Our manufacturing and marketing experience allows us to help in the development of new products for our clients based on their special requirements.